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Created in 2019, Studio KÄ is an independent Ivorian animation studio specialising in the production of animated educational content for television and soon for the cinema for children.

Supported by the Ivorian youth publishing house Voyelles, Studio KÄ is based on solid educational concepts to tell children beautiful and positive stories in favour of Africa, while building on its cultural diversity. Our creativity is inspired by the African imagination, and also by the challenges of the contemporary world.

Because we are aware of our responsibility as producers of children's content, we always make sure to integrate an educational and cultural added value in our productions. Welcome to our world!

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We don't just produce animations, we use them to promote our cultural heritage, we offer children content that takes into account their environment and the issues at stake. Through our productions, we teach children to discover Africa in a different way. 


A creative and passionate team
A rich and diverse historical source
Access to a vast and untapped catalogue of African stories and legends
Over five years of experience in children's publishing in Africa
A constant thirst to raise our standards

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