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Doux sommeil

To accompany you to the land of wonderful dreams!

Douceur Raya 1

Good night Raya !

Slowly the earth falls asleep
In the falling evening
Close your eyelids quickly
Sleep, my little child
Sleep in peace by your mother
Dream blue dreams
In the morning light
You'll run away happy
On your bed the moon lays
Its silver rays
When people and things are quiet
Sleep, my little child...

Douceur Raya 2

Have sweet dreams!

In the sky at sunset,
Red dragonfly
You were flying while I was dreaming
On my mother's back
I fall asleep while the night comes
On the purple plain
As you glide your wing closes
My eyelids gently...

Douceur Raya 3

Good Christmas Eve!

Good Christmas Eve,
Dear love,
Close your eyes and sleep.
Let your head, fly away,
In the hollow of your pillow.
A beautiful dream will pass,
And you will catch it.
A beautiful dream will pass,
And you will hold it.

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