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Raya doll

African tales are beautiful: inspired by the stories in the Raya Tales series, the beautiful and highly illustrated Raya storybook will enchant young and old alike!

Raya from Raya's Tales by Studio KÄ: This classic doll from the popular Raya's Tales series. With her soft eyes and beautiful black hair, she measures 32 cm. Cartoon inspired outfit: Raya's dress and jacket are inspired by scenes from the cartoon Tales of Raya. Includes 1 doll, 1 children's book, 3 lullabies and 2 friendship bracelets!
For children from 4 years: Little girls will love to receive this Raya doll as a birthday or Christmas gift.
With Raya, children can imagine stories with their favourite characters from all over Africa. The perfect toy to give as a gift to little girls aged 4, 5 and over!

Travel across Africa with the animated series Les contes de Raya

Raya's Tales is an educational series full of humour and African references, to be broadcast from 8 October on the children's channel Tivi5.

Raya is a little girl who loves to read. She often sits on a bench in her garden with a magic book that comes to life when she turns its pages. Thanks to this book, Raya and her friends the little spectators travel around Africa and discover its cultures and legends: Why does the pepper sting? Where does the water in the coconut come from? Why do trees stop growing? Where does the wind come from?

Raya's magical stories provide fantastic and scientific answers to all these questions! 
The series is in its first season and is already available on the TV5MondePlus video on demand platform!
Check your TV schedule so you don't miss a single episode!

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