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3 tips for the best value for money 

The price of your animated video is calculated according to three main criteria:
The visual style
The duration of your animated video
The complexity of the subject
Studio KÄ offers you prices adapted to your different objectives which include all our services of conception, realization and advice to the diffusion.

Our team gives you its advice to optimize your budget and launch the production of your motion design video with peace of mind.

TIP 1: Reduce your bill by 15% by choosing a short format

Every second counts in animation!

By reducing the length of your video, you mechanically reduce its cost, while increasing your chances of reaching a high completion rate. Videos between 30 seconds and 1 minute in length have the highest completion rates.  Short videos are also more likely to be shared on social networks and more easily integrate Call to Action.

At Studio KÄ, beyond one minute of film, prices are calculated on a pro-rata basis. By reducing the duration from 1.30 min to 1.15 min, you will reduce your bill by about 15%.

TIP 2: Leverage economies of scale to optimize your budget

If your campaign can benefit from several videos or if you plan several campaigns in advance, you can optimize your overall budget by ordering several videos.
Your agency can achieve economies of scale by reusing visual elements, sets or characters that can also form a common thread in your campaign.

By committing to several videos with the same motion design agency, discounts will usually be offered.

TIP 3: Entrust the scripting of your project to a professional

To save money, it can be tempting to write your own screenplay, a decision that can often prove costly.

By writing the screenplay, you run the risk of writing a film that is less compelling and relevant than a professional screenwriter would. An interesting story on paper does not always mean a successful film.

When writing, the screenwriter is already thinking about the production, incorporating set pieces that will fit your budget. A poorly conceived script can lead to additional costs in production, set design or animation.

Choose an agency with experienced scriptwriters!

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